Morris Instruments Inc.

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RF Sweepers

These units replace the conventional sweeper and oscilloscope tuning stations commonly used to adjust NMR probes and MRI coils. Six models are available; 405NV+, 505NV+, 610NV+, 710NV+, 810NV+, and the MX (1010 MHz) depending on the frequency range required. The model number indicates the highest frequency of operation in MHz (see Output Range below).

The oscilloscope has been replaced by an integral liquid crystal display which is unaffected by magnetic fields. The display, bridge, and RF generator have been incorporated into a compact hand held design, with microprocessor control.

An internal rechargeable battery powers the units for three hours of continuous use. Each unit includes an AC adaptor for bench operation and recharging.

For improved accuracy, the Morris Instruments Incorporated sweepers utilize digital frequency synthesis. The screen cursor may be used to precisely indicate any frequency, or to center the sweep, thus eliminating the tedious task of counting markers.

Since these sweepers will operate in the fringe field of superconducting magnets, it is now possible to tune MRI coils in situ.

Nonvolatile digital storage of setup parameters and displays gives these units additional flexibility.

To further extend the utility of these units they may be used to test two port devices such as filters, or to characterize the RF field homogeneity of probes and coils.