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Probe Tuning Devices

Morris Instruments Inc. is pleased to announce a design improvement to our line of R.F. sweeper probe tuners. We have retained all of the performance features and characteristics while reducing the overall weight by 2 lbs and the volume by 32%.

The model 405NV+, 505NV+, 610NV+, 710NV+ and 810NV+ RF Sweepers are used to tune probes and coils from 1.3 to 405MHz, 1.6 to 505MHz, 2.0 to 610MHz, 2.4 to 710MHz, and 2.7 to 810MHz respectively. These hand held, microprocessor controlled instruments feature; digitally synthesized RF, integral tuning bridge and detector, LCD graphic display, rechargeable battery operation, ability to operate in the fringe field of MRI magnets, and switchable one port or two port operation. All instruments now include a backlight for use in poor lighting conditions.

Model MX Tunes to over 1 GHz

For those customers requiring the ability to tune very high frequency coils above 800 MHz, we have developed a new R.F. sweeper that operates directly to 1.01 GHz without requiring any external accessories. The model MX covers 3.5 MHz to 1010 MHz. For more information about the model MX please contact Morris Instruments Inc.

ROM Version

The most recent firmware release for the NV+ models is indicated in the table below. Functionally these versions operate identically, including control of the optional backlight. Different versions are required depending on unit serial number to account for differences in internal hardware. For older units without the backlight option the current version is identical to #990601. For units with the backlight option the current version changes the method of turning the backlight on and off to make it easier to control when the room is too dark to see the screen without the backlight. Updates are available free of charge for units within the warranty period, and for a nominal charge to cover materials for out of warranty NV+ units.
Serial Number ROM Version
above 2011120000 120229
2008032000 to 2011120000 080301
2006100000 to 2008032000 061001
2005120000 to 2006100000 051101
below 2005120000 020901

Sweeper Links

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